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About Us

Asahi Corporation is mainly engaged in three kinds of businesses.

Warehousing and Related Businesses
(Customs Clearance, Handling Cargo, Crushing, Weighing)

Asahi Corporation commenced its operation in 1914. Its business engaged in handling cargo and forwarding of domestic coal.

After the decline in coal industry, handling items were changed into fluorite and manganese ore, and changed into ferroalloy.

Currently we are offering total services from discharging a ship to delivery to customer: including discharge cargo from ship, weighing, carrying from storage to other storage, warehousing, custom clearance, storing in bond, work ancillary to warehousing like crushing, sifting and packaging, forwarding.

Goods Handled
Ferrosilicium, Silicomanganese, Ferromanganese, Silicon Metal, Manganese Metal, other ferroalloy, Manganese Ore, etc.
Ferroalloy is the important material which is used in the production of steels necessary to the present daily life as a raw material. It is an alloy of iron and Manganese, Chromium, Silicon, and Molybdenum.
It is used in a refinement process: it removes the impurities contained in iron and gives special character to iron.
Particularly Various ferroalloys are added in the special steel such as stainless steel, a spring, and piano wire

Collection of Concrete Debris and Slag, Sales of Crusher Run

Our warehouse was relocated partially because of construction of Hanshin Expressway in 1986.
At that time steel slump hit our business, most of our warehouses were empty. So we seriously felt a sense of crisis, and we needed find a way out of this crisis.

At that time even though the amount of concrete debris from construction site increased, most of these scraps were not recycled like the present.

So we got idea to recycle concrete debris.
We tried to crush it by our crusher plant which was used for ore, and the trial was successful.

After this trial, we formally started this recycling business by establishing new company.
In 1987 we were granted the license of intermediate processing. Since that time we have engaged this recycling business.

Crusher Plant for Concrete Debris

Plastic Recycle

We offer services of plastic recycling and proper disposal.
If you have problem to dispose plastics, please feel free to ask to our company.

Asahi Corporation supports various needs of clients widely by our ARCS, Asahi Resources Circulation System that is the continuous service of collection, segregation, crushing, pelletizing, and selling by our own company.

We collect these items the below.
Flexible container bag
Folding container
Plastic pallet
Computer housing


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