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Business Philosophy
Quiality/Environmental Policy

 ISO 9001 Quality Policy

Asahi Corporation that the basic policy is "Safety First, Quality Second" is engaged in the business the below as a company with social responsibility.

 1. Warehousing, Crushing Processing
 2. Customs Brokerage

We comply with requirements of clients, law and regulation.
We try to improve the effectiveness of quality management system continuously.
Quality objectives are set to achieve the quality policy. All staffs unite our efforts to achieve these objectives. And we properly revise the adequacy for further achievement to better level.
All staffs understand the quality policy. We will organize educational training for staffs to have a pride and consciousness that our company promote business activity earnestly.
We continuously revise the adequacy of this quality policy.

                       July1, 2010
                       ASAHI CORPORATION, LTD.
                       Chief Executive Officer
                        HIROSHI OTA

 ISO14001 Environmental Policy

 Asahi Corporation, as company with social responsibility, contributes to the prosperity of clients and society, and also to the happiness of staffs.
We engage in daily activities based on the guidelines the below.


Reduction and Proper Treatment of Wastes

We try to reduce and minimize wastes and pollutants from business activity, and we try to process properly.

Promotion of Recycling and Saving Energy

We try to save energy and resources at each stage of offering services and products, and we promote to recycle materials from clients and our business activities.

Voluntary Action

As member of company, and also member of society, we thoroughly prevent any problems which affect to business activities.
We comply with rules and regulations and we promote continuous activity by our voluntary formulation of improvement plan.

Cooperation with society and community

Subject to recognition of the influence of business activities to environment, society, and community, we disclose information willingly to build and maintain cooperative relationship with social strata connected with environmental conservation, such as government and municipality as well as related industries and companies.


                       November11, 2007
                       ASAHI CORPORATION, LTD.
                       Chief Executive Officer
                        HIROSHI OTA


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